Jubilee of Mercy

The Jubilee is for Catholic Church the year of remission of sins, reconciliation, conversion and of sacramental penance.
Also called Holy Year is the period during which the Pope grants a plenary indulgence to the faithful.

To obtain the indulgence you have to go as pilgrims to Rome and enter in one of the major basilicas, confession, take communion, praying and make a good deed, mercy or penitence.

The Jubilee occurs every 25 years. Popes however may call an extraordinary Jubilee and it is exactly the case of this Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francesco.

The Jubilee of Mercy began the 8 th December 2015 with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter and will end on 20 th November 2016 with its closure.

That’s Italy is able to offer all the necessary support to organize your pilgrimage to Rome including transfers, hotels, restaurants and tourist guides and responding to the needs of individual, groups, families and parish associations

All pilgrimages provide the celebration of Holy Mass during the itinerary. We also offer the opportunity to participate at general papal audience that the Holy Pope held every Wednesday, taking care of booking tickets.
You can attend the celebration of the Holy Mass in St. Peter’s
and all those events that may represents an opportunity for youth evangelization and families

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